Friday, June 3, 2011

what you should search for in vintage shops

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  • light denim : although finding long pants that fit you may be a very  hard job, you can always make very nice shorts of them! And denim shirts are also something you can find in vintage shops.
  • sheer blouses / printed blouses: lovely blouses can be found in vintage shops, and even if they are too big, you should get them. You can alter them with a belt or you can tuck them into your pants.
  • shirts : Even from the male department you can find simple shirts, with stripes for example. You can make them look great by cutting the sleeves of like you can see on the example.
  • cute retro dresses : Keep in mind that you can alter them by giving them a nice waist or you can make them shorter.
  • blazer : Definitely something you can find there, you can make them more neutral by getting rid of the shoulder pads...


  1. Leuke post! Kan nog goed van pas komen :). Die kleedjes van Dahlia (in één van je vorige posts) zijn inderdaad heel mooi!.