Tuesday, May 31, 2011

wardrobe hunger

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What your closet needs.
In order to shop without having to spend a lot of money,
you should really think about what will be a valuable piece in your wardrobe...
I often get bored if I look at my closet, so buying a few great pieces without spending fortunes can be a very smart move !
1.       Blinding colours
It can make a dull outfit great and this season it’s a big thing. But don’t go to far with color if you know you won’t be wearing it…
2.       High waisted pants / shorts
Great item that can make an outfit special and will also be very helpful if you want to wear more vintage stuff (because a lot of shirt and blouses are too big, you can tuck it in)

(ps : i still haven't found a high-waisted pants that i really love on webshops, do you know where to find one, please tell !)

3.       Stunning jewelry
There are great necklaces in stores right now that can really make an outfit stunning. I like it best on a simple tshirt and jeans.
Later on, I’ll be posting thrift-store / vintage store tips and so on… I really want to focus on getting great items without paying too much money !

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