Monday, March 28, 2011

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Hannah Muller

In the process of finding yourself, you should include thinking about your future, your thoughts on some big lifequestions and also ...

your own sense of style !

Of course this will change during your life but if your quite neutral at the moment and you want to have one central thought that represents your entire wardrobe, let me give you some inspiration...

3 basic lines =

1. La Parisienne
This is almost a classic look, although it has evoluted through the years.

keywords : strong, brunette, independant, olive skin, minimalstic, black, ...

I do think that these woman have become more and more preppy-er nowadays.
I even can consider Olivia Palermo to have aspects of this style woven in to her style, but that is maby because she also has that southern-chic style.


Clémence Poesy - although not a brunette !

2. Rough
I believe this is also a classic look that has many subdivisions...
Keywords : rough, though, i don't care, sexy rather than cute, black, leather, loose,...

3. Cute
This is also a very wide range of subdivisions, but the main goal is to look cute and pretty.
Key words: cute, pretty, adorable, high necks, lovely, beautiful, flattering shapes,...

I personally think you should discover wich one suits you best, and generally stay with that. Most bloggers mix too much, when you wear a soft pink lace dress today, you can't wear biker boots and leather the other day. That's my personal opinion, because it makes people look like a scrapbook...

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